I don\'t know, man, I just feel that I need to block your actions


Here… the place where I first found you. I am back here… but I am with someone else.

Vaguely I heard… a familiar voice I’ve known all of this time. It’s yours. You look happy with him, your new lover.

I froze when I see the little girl running towards you. She has such beautiful eyes, just like yours…

I smiled as I hold this woman’s hand beside me and I whisper in my heart about all of these.

If only you did not leave me, I would have never found the love I have now.

Love that accepts me for me and changes the way I see the world.

If only I forced myself to be with you, we could have never found happiness…

A life story that mold us to be mature, even tough through pains…

One thing that I now understand, even though it’s hard for me to say, there is always the word “good” in every “goodbye”…

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